Please know that while any present is appreciated, the most important thing to me is your presence.
Also, if you would like to donate to an animal related charity in my name (RSPCA, Zoos Victoria, Wildlife Victoria, etc;) that would be one of the greatest things.
All. Of. Them. I'd love a copy of your favourite book, or something that you'd recommend. A couple of series I like are 39 Clues, Twilight, Lorien Legacies, Spirit Animals, The Perfectionists by Sara Shephard and Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper. I have all of these, but something along those lines I would probably enjoy. Secondhand book are appreciated so much more than brand new ones - who wants to waste a good book, AND you can buy more books for less! Sounds like a win win to me!
I have my favourite movies and TV series but as you can get most of them on Netflix there are very few I want to own. HOWEVER this does not mean that they will not disappear from Netflix, so to have my own copy would be great (also internet is not always reliable, I like to go old school sometimes)
    Gossip Girl Seasons 1 - 6 
    7th Heaven Season 2 - 11
    Descendants 2
    Lemonade Mouth
CDs and Music
As much as music is available all over YouTube and on streaming apps, I still like to buy the CDs to keep in my room (where devices are not permitted). I have a few bands I'd really like the CDs of but if you know a band I like and I haven't got the CDs (this goes for movie soundtracks as well) then seriously, please, I'll love you for it. Also, if there are any bands or artists I like coming to Melbourne then going to see them would be awesome
Ed Sheeran - Divide
Descendants 2 Soundtrack
Simple Plan
Bea Miller
Katharine McPhee
Little Mix
The Vamps
Moana Soundtrack
More Expensive Items
So it's my birthday - the one time of year I can ask for the more expensive things I would never get otherwise. Below are a couple of pricier items that I would REALLY like, but I don't expect to receive them cause, well, they're pricier.
    Adopt An Animal $85 ($73 with Zoo Membership)
        Tassie Devil
        Barking Owl
    New Bed

I LOVE stationary. As much as I probably have enough, really you can never really have enough.
  • Desk organisers - pencil holders, paper storage, draw organisers, magazine racks, desktop drawers, you get the point
  • Coloured plastic sleeves - yes I use them all the time for school work
  • Fineliners are always a win! The colour ones are great for drawing.
  • Brush pens - these are awesome for drawing!
  • Range of grey-led pencils - different hardness grades are great
  • Calligraphy pens - would love to try calligraphy!
  • Notepads and journals - if you buy me pretty notebooks, chances are they're going to get put to good use. I love ones with pretty covers, or nice sayings on them. I prefer not to have spiral ones though, as they tend to fall apart.
  • Black fineliners or nice pens - I like to keep my writing neat and pretty, and I find that fancy pens or fineliners help with that a lot, so any of these would be greatly appreciated!!

Jewelery and Accessories
Jewelry and accessories. As much as I don't really dress up, these are actually some of my favourite things. Cute belts that go around dresses, or a little silver heart necklace to go with this or that, I'm not fussy. I like everything from hats to belts to necklaces to earrings to anklets to cute little handbags and all inbetween. 
  • Will wear necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, anklets
  • Wear Silver more than gold, but love both
  • Small and delicate (like me) - so no bigger than a $1 coin
  • Headbands, headpieces and clips - love them! Forever!
  • Love small bags - preferably backpacks or over the shoulder bags
  • Wallets that fit into my jean pockets are great
  • Belts that go around dresses are gorgeous
  • Headbands, headpieces and clips are AMAZING (had to mention them again!)
  • Hats I wear sometimes. I like delicate sort of caps.
Jeans -     always appreciated. I live in them. Just normal fitting dark blue 
                jeans . Size 6-8
Tops -      love crop tops (although I never wear them out) and fitting T-Shirts                 more than anything else. Cute sayings/pictures are great but plain                    colours are awesome too. Size 6 - 8
Bathers -  Love them. I like one pieces, but prefer 2 pieces, with the top being                 more of a tankini or tank top rather than a bra or bikini, and boyleg                 shorts are my fav. I range from a size 8 - 10 depending on the bust                 size
Jackets -  Love coats and hoodies and leather jackets, but I prefer to pick them                 out
Other -    Underwear! Love undies (size 8-10 ladies) and socks (size 6ish) and                 bras (10D)! 
Merch -    Look below!
        Pretty Little Liars Stuff
            Two Can Keep A Secret T-Shirt
            I'd Rather Be Watching PLL T-Shirt
            Straight Outta Radley Hoodie
            Team Toby PJs Red
        Todrick Stuff
Second-hand shops are great for books. If not, Book Depository is also good, or you can check for the cheap prices on Bookspotter

Secondhand DVDs can often be a bit shifty. I find buying commonly found ones from Kmart, Target, Big W, etc; is good, and JB Hi Fi are good for the more unusual ones.
Google shopping often can show you the cheapest prices as well

As much as I love the internet and all that, I love having hardcopies of music. These are generally availiable from KmartTargetBig W, etc; or JB Hi Fi if they aren't so popular/new

A lot of these items are from different sources. The YATZ and Adopt an Animal are only availiable on the Zoo Victoria Website.  Check Static Ice for the Fitbit, and as for the lockers and new bed, its up to you. I've found cheap lockers at Kmart in the past, and they're pretty cool I must say.

Typo and Smiggle are good when it come to things like this, but I really prefer Officeworks for most of it. I find that some of the more common everyday things you can purchase from Kmart and Target in good quality as well.

Jewelry and accessories are available from the major department stores, as well as stores like Lovisa and Colette. You can also find nice ones at Pharmacies sometimes, so it is worth having a look around.

This is where it gets confusing.

When it comes to clothes gift vouchers are always great. Savers is my favourite place to shop TBH, but I also love department stores like Kmart and Target, and everyday shops like Ally and Supre. For more formal wear Central Line (at Greensborough Plaza) is fabulous, as is Forever New.