Jeremy's Prezzie List

If you were a hankerin' to buy me a little sumpin-sumpin, have a gander at the list below.

Items with a green asterisk "*" are available from physical shops.  Many books are available from physical bookstores, although some might need to be ordered in.

Items with a red asterisk "*" can be downloaded immediately, and require no delivery.  Examples of these are music MP3 files, movie ticket barcodes, and eBooks.


Please note: These Ts are just examples to give you an idea of what I like.  But any design that's interesting, or even a plain T in an interesting colour would be awesome.
  • ** Movie Tickets, our nearest one is Hoyts, but Greater Union and Reading aren't far away.
  • A CD or two:
  • Something from XKCD:
  • Food and Drink - specialty or home-made:
    • Sarsaparilla - shop-bought is OK
    • Ginger beer
    • Ice cream or sorbet
    • Apple (and Rhubarb) pie
    • Chocolate mixed with dried fruit and/or nuts
    • Fudge
    • Lamingtons
    • Wine, preferably (yes, you guessed it) red. Shop-bought is OK.
  • Smart Home Stuff:
A geeky, sciency or regular book

Here's a special tip for those who have read this far: find the cheapest prices for books and DVDs online by using the search engine.